Saturday, August 20, 2011

Composer Timothy Kramer

Timothy Kramer is a composer you need to know! And fortunately, you can get to know his music at this year's Dallas Festival of Modern Music. Kramer is one of the featured winning composers from this year's Call for Scores, and his "Three Pairs Suite" is the perfect musical response to Elliot Carter's "Triple Duo." Kramer is currently the Chair of the Music Department at Illinois College, and his music has been performed by noted ensembles including the San Antonio, Detroit, and Indianapolis Symphonies, as well as as the SOLI and ONIX ensembles. Hear his music this November 5 and 6, and learn more at

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introducing Composer Jeremy Beck

The Dallas Festival of Modern Music is pleased to introduce you to composer Jeremy Beck, one of our featured composers from this year's Call for Scores. Ars Nova Dallas will be performing his exhilarating "In Flight Until Mysterious Night," scored for the set of instruments famously known as the "Pierrot Ensemble," the versatile instrumentation first used by Arnold Schoenberg in his "Pierrot Lunaire." A widely recorded and performed composer, Beck's music perfectly walks the line of being both extremely accessible, but also firmly rooted in high art. Learn more about Jeremy Beck at

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Call For Scores Results Announced

The Dallas Festival of Modern Music is pleased to announce the results from our 2011 Call For Scores. The quality of the field was especially high this year, but 80 applicants and 3 days of judging later, we have named our award winners!

The following winners have been selected to have a work of theirs performed by Ars Nova Dallas at the festival this November.


Timothy Kramer of Jacksonville, Illinois
Nicole Murphy of Queensland, Australia
Paul Thomas of Denton, Texas
Monica Lynn of Santa Cruz, California
Jeremy Beck of Louisville, Kentucky

The finalists listed below were not selected, but their contributions are deserving of particular note.


Stephen Cohn of Los Angeles, California
Gregg Wramage of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
Greg Dixon of Denton, Texas
Charles Halka of Houston, Texas
Alex Silva of New York, New York

One award was also granted to a young composer with significant potential, and an already well developed artistic voice and craft.


Miles Friday of Bellingham, Washington

Thank you to all 80 applicants for your interest in our project! Check back next spring for information regarding our 2012 Call for Scores!

Monday, August 1, 2011

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